Yealink CP860 IP Konferenztelefon

Yealink CP860 IP Konferenztelefon

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The Yealink CP860 IP conference phone is a perfect choice for small and medium-sized conference room and can meet the demands of up to 16 people with optional expansion microphones. The CP860 provides many important audio features including optima HD technology, a build-in 3 microphone array, full-duplex technology and acoustic echo cancelling. This means that all users can enjoy rich, clear and life-like conference calls. The Yealink CP860 also supports call recording, plus linkages to mobile phones or PCs for a more convenient conference call experience.


  • Optima HD voice, full duplex technology
  • 10-feet and 360 degree voice pickup
  • Optional expansion microphones for wider reception
  • 320ms echo cancellation tail length
  • Connect to a mobile phone or PC for conference calls
  • 5-way conferencing support
  • USB call recording support



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